Boat Insurance

Own a Boat? You should have boat insurance. Living along the Gulf Coast (Mobile, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, or Dauphin Island) enjoying the water and boating is a favorite thing to do for many. With the abundant waterways and the quality of fishing, many people are out on the water daily. These waterways are draining from the North to the South in Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The number of boaters and the potential for hazards in the water is always an issue.

Experienced boaters can attest to the fact that it doesn’t matter how well you know the waters you are boating in hazards can still appear that you may never expect. These hazards range from impaired boat drivers, limbs and vegetative debris, pieces of wood or metal, and many other types of debris. A perfectly normal day of boating can quickly turn into a bad day on the water by having your boat damaged when hitting this debris or having a boating accident with another boat.

Just as with car insurance, boat insurance should really be considered as a must have. The level of risk for damaging your boat is greater than you might imagine. Call us today to get a quote for covering your boat.

Commercial Boat Insurance

There are many commercial fishermen in our area. There are charter boats, shrimp boats, fishing boats, etc… These are large boats and provide an income for the boat owner and crew. There are many perils that a commercial fishing boat may encounter. Insuring your boat is smart business and helps to ensure that you are protected in the event that your boat is damaged and is inoperable for a period of time.

Boat Insurance Specialist in Mobile Alabama

Don’t risk your livelihood by not protecting your business tool. There are insurance plans for all types of boats from the smallest to the largest. Call us today to get a quote for covering your commercial fishing boat.

Luxury Boat Insurance

Do you own a yacht, cigar boat, large sailboat, or other luxury boat? No doubt that a large investment was required to obtain your boat. These boats are beautiful and luxurious, but just like other boats, face the same perils in the water. While nobody ever thinks that something will damage their luxury water craft, it still does.

Sometimes damage occurs to your luxury boat even in the most innocent ways (running aground in shallow water, receiving damage while docked, weather damage (wind, hail, heavy rain), etc…). We can’t stress it enough–you should do what you can to protect your investment. Having boat insurance in the easiest way to protect your boat.

Personal Watercraft Insurance

Wave runners, Jetski, whatever you call them, personal watercraft are everywhere on the water today. No doubt that if you have been out on the water recently that you have seen an increase in the number of the personal watercraft. Fact is that these craft are easy to ride and loads of fun. Because of these facts, more and more inexperienced boaters are buying them and taking them to the water without knowing many navigational “rules of the road”. You hear it all of the time….two wave runners have collided or a personal watercraft and a larger boat have run into each other. Lives have been lost, injuries have occurred, and boats have been damaged. Every year more and more accidents are being reported.

Personal Watercraft Boat Insurance Specialist in Mobile Alabama

Chances are that when you take your personal watercraft out on the water you are doing so at great peril. So, if you assume you are going to have an accident (it’s not if but when) then you should really invest in insurance for your watercraft. Call us today to get a quote for covering your personal watercraft.

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