Commercial Insurance

Almost all businesses (unless you are a really small business with minimal liabilities or overhead) should have commercial insurance. Without having a proper amount of commercial insurance should are setting yourself up for a financial disaster.

Commercial Insurance Agency Mobile Alabama

Unfortunately, in our country today, there are those that are looking for an opportunity to benefit by suing you for damages that they claimed while in your business or using a product/service that your business has provided.

Some types of Business that we recommend for Commercial Insurance:


Office buildings


Dentists and




Many more…

Components of Commercial Insurance

Property Insurance – if your business sustains damages from fire, weather, or damage from an attempted robbery a property insurance policy will allow you to repair your business.

Commercial Liability Insurance – this insurance protects you from others looking to bring a lawsuit against you or if there is a legitimate claim against your business. This policy will help you to cover legal fees and any settlements.

Types of commercial insurance may include:
– Malpractice
– Errors & Omissions

Commercial liability protection can make the difference between whether or not your business survives such a lawsuit.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance – If an employee is hurt during the course of his/her duty while at work, your business may be liable for health care expenses, as well as long term health car and/or rehabilitation. This type of policy is required of business in most states. (Learn More)

Call us today and let’s discuss what policy coverage you should get and what you need. We will get your business details and then begin shopping for the best coverage available and the most reasonable cost.

Call Southern Insurance Pros today to allow them to review your policy and to find you a policy that offers comprehensive coverage and at a great price. We will shop for you and find you the best policy or we can replace your existing policy. We are experts in this field. Give us a call today, (251) 341-2399

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