Home Owner's Insurance Storm Damage Protection
Do you know what your Homeowner’s Insurance covers?

Home Owner’s Insurance is as important as the home itself. So many things factor into your specific rate for home insurance. Do you have an alarm system? Is it monitored? Do you have a pet? What type? Is it aggressive? Does it disqualify your home for coverage? Are you a non-smoker? Have you had prior insurance? Do you have good credit? So many things factor in excellent rates? We know how to get you the best premium and the best coverage in order to get you the most home for your money!

Home Owner’s Insurance Wind & Hail Policies

Home Owners often ask me does their policy include wind and hail. Some policies require a separate wind and hail policy that will actually require two policies to make one. At Southern Insurance Professionals our Coastal Agents work hard to provide you with coverage that includes wind and hail all in the same policy giving you the best rate and the best coverage. Policies that require separate wind and hail are often more costly and have endorsements that make some of your most expensive losses pay at the least amount of coverage available. Avoid this homeowner mistake by giving us a call and let us explain to you why our policies are different.

Information About Your Storm Deductible

Home Owner's Insurance Deductible Information
Storm Deductible Information Mobile Alabama

What kind of storm deductible do you have on your Home Insurance? Did you know some home owner’s policies force a separate percentage deductible for wind and hail coverage? Does yours? Do you have a named storm deductible, or are you part of the lucky few whose home owner coverage only has a separate hurricane percentage deductible? Your home is your biggest asset, be informed!

Don’t let an agent decide for you, how much money comes out of your pocket when a loss occurs. An Insurance Agent will not be putting his wallet in your back pocket. Get the most coverage for the best price with Southern Insurance Professionals. Contact Us Today For More Information. We can review your home owner’s insurance policy to identify if you have potential issues. Contact us before hurricane season starts on June 1st, 2021.

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