Homeowner's Insurance be affected by a pet dog in Mobile Alabama?

Did you know? A new pet dog can impact your Homeowner’s Insurance. Let’s talk about dogs and homeowners.  Everyone thinks their dog is the sweetest ever and would never hurt anyone and they are possibly right. 

I agree that not all breeds are subject to the reputation they have just by the type of dog they are. I have seen bulldogs you could put in your lap and chihuahuas that actually scared me. 

However, agents don’t create the prohibited dog list and each carrier has a different list.  Some dog list has more breeds than others.  I would suggest having a conversation regarding your specific dog with your agent, when shopping for homeowner’s insurance. 

You should always discuss a NEW family pet with your agent before adding a new member to your family.  Sometimes a quick check can save you a surcharge or a broken heart in the end.

Call Kelly Deford (https://southerninsurancepros.com) today to discuss potential impacts by getting a pet dog. It never hurts to be safe rather than sorry.

Don't let a pet dog increase your Homeowner's Insurance. premiums.
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